Bill Moyers: Farewell

Bill Moyers is leaving the field. His strong voice was always reassuring: even if we didn’t agree on everything, I knew his values, his hopes, his goals were the same as mine. What voices will fill the void created by his absence? What values, what hopes, what goals will they push to the fore? Who will listen? And who will go beyond speaking and listening–to act on behalf of those goals? Yeats articulated my fears at this moment: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity.”

Vox Populi

“Democracy is fragile, and no one can say with certainty that it can withstand the manifold risks to which it is now exposed,” writes Moyers in farewell.

In a quiet post published to on Friday titled simply, “Farewell,” the veteran muckraker and site’s namesake—whose work in public life goes back to the Johnson administration in the early 1960s and whose journalistic career spans from his teens as a local newspaper reporter in East Texas to his most well-known role as the host of several PBS shows and documentaries—announced that the online project would soon enter “archive mode” and cease its daily output of progressive news and commentary.

Though Moyers, now eighty-three, has announced retirement at several intervals in his later career, on Friday he wrote, “Now it’s time for another farewell, and with this note I am signing off.” Its final day of regular operation will be Wednesday, December…

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