Do Not Lie Down

Just when I’m about to give up hope, I run across this…

daniel r. cobb

There will always be bigots who insist on denying the rights of others not like them, and those driven by greed who only want to take, to consume and devour and in doing so, leave our planet despoiled.  Social and environmental justice have always been continuous struggles. However, don’t be discouraged into thinking that justice isn’t just.

Civil rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, and environmental rights movements are all fighting the same enemy.  That enemy is the existing corporate and political power structure, a predominantly male, Republican body that has brought together many of humanity’s worst sins, namely greed, racism, misogyny, and for very many, willful self-delusion, into a dangerous and potent political force.  Incredibly, the directors of this movement, the McConnells, Kochs, and Trumps of the world have little in common with the most fervent in their base.  Yes, bigotry and misogyny run rampant, but beyond that, the stratospheric…

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