John Lawson: O King

Thanks to Vox Populi for publishing my satire.

Vox Populi

August 21, 2019: The president sparked fresh concerns about his mental health after he tweeted quotes from one of his right-wing supporters who said Trump was “like the King of Israel” and “the second coming of God.”In a separate statement, Trump said, “I am the Chosen One.”


You and your satraps proclaim you are wise, O King

You promise to bring us contentment

You speak, and my heart flies, O King

I delight when you step to the podium.


They say you have powers, O King

Beyond those of mere mortals

A wave of your hand, and riches

Spring out of the ground

Rain from the sky like manna.


We hunger, O King.Our needs cascade,

A vast waterfall, over the edge

of the farthest horizon

Bring mercy and hope, O King

Feed us and clothe us; bring peace; reconcile us.


Your enemies whisper, O King;

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