Mary Aldis

Interesting forgotten playwright.

Unknown Playwrights

In 1915 Mary Aldis published a volume of plays which may be considered a part of the Little Theatre movement then sweeping the American theatre world. We’ve covered the little theatre movement before, especially in the post about Alice Gerstenberg. Neith Boyce is another post from that movement.

tumblr_oq40kgFWUj1v6qqlxo1_1280Our playwright.

In short, the Little Theatre movement was blowback against the near-monopoly big theatre companies had. One example would be that theatres in a town would be under contract to wait for a known troupe or company to come into town. This would discourage local theatre from growing. I believe it is time for a Little Theatre renaissance, but that’s for later.

“Big Theatre” I guess could be the Manila galleon of the theatre world, stopping by every so often to deliver theatre.

Chicago was a hub of the movement and that’s where Aldis worked her magic.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.13.16 AM Where Aldis’…

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