Abby Zimet: We Know What Hate Looks Like — Standing With Ilhan

Vox Populi

Screenshot of the progressive town hall at D.C.’s Busboys and Poets

Amidst the ongoing, breathtaking hypocrisy of rabid charges of anti-Semitism – aka daring to criticize America’s toxic complicity with Israeli war crimes – heedlessly leveled against her, often from down-and-dirty bigots, Ilhan Omar is all done apologizing. And well sheshould be. Even as the outrage machinery grinds on, African-Americans,progressive Jewsand manyothershaveralliedto support her. The House reportedly still plans toissueits hollow, ugly rebuke of “anti-Semitism,” but pushback has grown, it’s been delayed, and thanks to the Congressional Black and Progressive Caucuses it may also condemn anti-Muslim sentiments, because today we evidently have to say these things. The Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of over 50 organizations, havechargedthat criticisms of Omar, Angela Davis and other black progressives speaking out for Palestinian rightsseek”to regulate behavior (and) mute…

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