Abby Zimet: With a Rod of Iron

If I hadn’t seen the photos, I couldn’t have believed this was real.

Vox Populi

AR-15-Toting So-Called Churchgoers Renew Their Commitment To the Blood-Soaked Lunacy of Our Nation Amen.

“Church” “Leaders.” Reuters Photo


At This Point Why Not Dept: Amidst the fiery debate about our murderous national landscape comes this: The trooping of about 250 white-clad brides and dark-suited grooms, wearing crowns often made of bullets and clutching AR-15s unloaded and aimed for the sky (whence their God was presumably watching them with some consternation) to the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary of Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, a Moonie-flavored church that also calls itself the “Rod of Iron Ministries” for the Bible’s vengeful “rod of iron” in Revelations: “He shall rule them with a rod of iron; they shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels.” There, the worshipful couples drank holy wine, exchanged or renewed wedding vows, and received a blessing for their “religious accoutrements” – aka weapons of mass murder – because…

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