Colin Beavan: What Happens When Men Say #MeToo, Too?

When I started reading this, I was thinking, “Oh, come on!” But damned if he didn’t win me over by the end. Reminds me of James Baldwin’s challenge to whites to focus their attention on what it is about them that made–and makes–them need to create and perpetuate the category “nigger.” To paraphrase Beavan, “White? What is going on that causes some of you to act this way?”

Vox Populi

As a self-identified feminist man who has survived abuse, I wonder how and if I should participate in the conversation.

There was the man giving 16-year-old me a ride on a motorcycle. There was the 30-something woman who used to drive teenage me to my addiction support group. The male newspaper editor who stopped commissioning my articles. The male mentor. The married landlady. The female magazine editor. All groping, pressuring, harassing, abusing.

Most importantly, there was the girlfriend of a friend of my mother’s who took 14-year-old me to an abandoned shed and took my virginity, leaving me isolated and lost and silenced because she was part of the network of adults who were supposed to be my supports.

Our culture does not do enough to teach boys to think there might be anything wrong with these things. I didn’t understand for years, until a therapist gently explained power dynamics…

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