Abby Zimet: Miss Peru Beauty Queens Go Rogue

Maybe there’s some value in beauty pageants after all…

Vox Populi

Contestants in the Miss Peru 2017 beauty pageant read out facts and statistics about violence against women in Peru instead of the traditional measurements of bust and hip sizes in an effort to draw attention to the mistreatment of women.


Talk about resistance in unlikely places. Facing horrific rates of violence against women – the week before, the hashtag #PeruPaisdeVioladores (Peru Country of Rapists) was trending – the contestants for Sunday’s Miss Peru beauty pageant flipped the script in their introductions, with each replacing the usual grotesque reciting of her measurements with grim statistics on domestic violence. The protest came in the wake of skyrocketing stories of assault and violence: An estimated 7 out of 10 women, many young, are said to experience some form of abuse, putting Peru second only to Bolivia in South America. Last year, after a video that recorded a naked man dragging his girlfriend…

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